(Incinerator) The facilities burning domestic and industrial wastes for reevaluation regarding   their management, reduction efforts, re-use and recycling applications are established and electrical energy is produced. The biggest problem is the emission as the result of modern incineration. The technologies for energy recovering in the waste incineration facilities are developed for a long time. The emission limits established as extremely limited for control of the air contaminants that are released in mass amounts are met by the benefit of control equipments designed as the result of special engineering studies.

Mdsj Process
It is an expert institution in Chimney Gas Treatment Technologies.
At the typical incineration facilities the following contaminants are formed.
- Particles
- Acidic gasses HCL, HF, SO2
- Carbon monoxide CO
- Carbon dioxide CO2
- Nitrogen oxides NOx
- Mercury  Hg
- Other heavy metals SB, Pb, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni
Dioxin furans
Mdsj process, in removal of contaminants, uses multi cyclone, high temperature resistant filters in removal of particle ash and ammonia in removal of gasses.
Liquid chemical methods are performed using chemicals like sodium hydroxide, and lime.
Most efficient and economic methods are chosen using the state of art technologies in the design stage.
Mdsj process follows up all the stages in great care starting from investment stage until implementation phase and finalizes the project successfully.