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In production and Applications MDSJ PROSES quality is one of the top reasons of preference

• Taking the Total Quality philosophy as basis, within the team spirit achieving company and unit goals, • Reviewing our work processes via self-assessment process, determination of preventive approaches to improve our performance, • In line with the continuous improvement approach increasing the efficiency in all our processes to the level to compete in international arena,

Our applications realized in rooted institutions of Turkey preserve their quality for long years

No compromises can be given regarding the customer satisfaction. Mdsj Process continues to manufacture high quality products for over 30 years. Our activities always implement our mission focused on our customers and their needs and we, in conformity to our requirements, support processes of our customers and perform our best to optimize them. Our main priority, therefore, is to meet the customer requirements with qualified, professional, good service with high quality products.

Engineering and Design
Customer needs focused proper solutions

Production and Installation
Survey assessment, Determination, Project design, production and installation, implementation

Welcome to Mdsj Process. Mdsj Process is the market and technology leader in industrial filtration, gas and odor removal, pneumatic transport, industrial vacuum hoover technology applied in industry. Its processes work in all fields of the industry all around the world. For us, the needs of our customers, reliability, efficiency and improvement regarding accuracy are our main goals.

When high quality equipment and comprehensive process knowledge are brought together, we develop, project and produce innovative solutions for automation applications of industrial filtration, gas and odor removal, pneumatic transport, industrial vacuum hoover technology. We focus on the needs of our customers and we continue our technical support throughout the warranty period of a system. Our portfolio includes engineering, project production and implementation, maintenance, training and consultancy services.