Cement production is performed under heavy conditions, containing hard working conditions in production stages. Starting from the raw material crushing and sieving zones up to raw mills, clinker, additive material, clinker stock fields, cement mills, packaging weighbridges, cement silos, coal drying and grinding mills and all belt transfer points there is dust emission problem faced. Cement site can be a dust free working environment only via proper solution methods selected accurately. Mdsj process knows cement technology well and resolves the dedusting problems with this accumulation of knowledge, suggests methods with both the best performance and lowest working costs in its solutions.
Also, in order to prevent the mechanical spills, utilizing fixed or mobile industrial vacuum hovers developed by cement factories, cleans the spilled materials up to 10 mm size via vacuum method safely in 150m range. It creates a clean and healthy working environment without contaminating the environment. MDSJ Process can meet the needs of the cement industry via offering reliable and proper quality solutions with survey and examination on site, using the latest technology and alternative special conditions.
-500000 m3/how raw mill filters,
-350 degrees pre-cooled clinker filters,
- cement raw mill filters,
- cement packaging weighbridge filters,
- central vacuum hovers,
-  dense and sparse phase ash cement pneumatic transport systems,