Raw material preparation is realized starting from the mining department, in glass factories high level dust is created in raw material loading departments, storage, dense phase pneumatic transport, dosing of raw materials, blending circles, mixers, dosing, belt conveyors, elevators, furnace feeding points, production waste, glass breaks regions. Filtering systems are required for dust free environment. However if proper method determination with accurate capacity is not performed the desired result cannot be acquired. At the same time, even if all these systems are installed correctly, especially in belt conveyor points, material transfer stations the raw material spill cannot be prevented. At these points industrial vacuum hovers should be used to perform cleaning.
Applications are
- carrying of raw materials like silica, carbonate, calcite, dolamite, feldispar, coal with a dense phase system to raw material silos,
- Blending circles dedusting filters,
- Mixer levels dedusting filters,
- Belt ways dedusting filters,
- Furnace zone dedusting filters,
- Glass break zone filter systems,
- Mobile and fixed centered vacuum hovering systems
Mdsj process provides for its customers with determination, projecting, engineering, production, and installation services together, utilizing its experience in glass factories and knowledge accumulation.
Modifications can be needed.